Bum(s) of the Day 9/9/13-9/10/13: Juan Uribe & Rick Porcello

B.O.T.D. for September 10, 2013 belongs to Rick Porcello, SP, Detroit Tigers.

Being the #3 starter in a rotation that includes names like Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer won’t get you many spots on ESPN, but Rick Porcello has been extremely valuable for the Tigers this season.  Most teams in the A.L. have at least two above-average starting pitchers, meaning that the production you get from your #3 starter can mean the difference between making the playoffs and not.  

Porcello has pitched much better than his superficial numbers appear.  In fact, Porcello is pitching +1 run/9 better than his ERA with a xFIP (adjusted FIP) of  3.38.  Porcello has also shown to be very durable, pitching at least 162 innings in all of his five (5) seasons.

Porcello never became that “ace” that some expected, but he is filling a valuable role on a playoff team.  He could be a #2 starter on a less impressive team, but  we think its better to be a top-5 #3 starter than a top-25 #2.

B.O.T.D. for September 9, 2013 belongs to Juan Uribe, INF, LA Dodgers.

Juan Uribe continued his B.O.T.Y. push in a 8-1 win over the Diamondbacks, going 4-4 with 3 home runs and 4 RBI.

Uribe has been nothing short of great for the Dodgers this season.  You may be surprised to to know that Uribe ranks 3rd on the Dodgers in batters W.A.R. (ahead of Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Andre Ethier)  What is also incredible is that Uribe, in his age 33 season is playing the best defense of his career and the best defense on his team. (Fangraphs 16.2 FLD)

Juan Uribe is in the final year of his 3 year contract with the Dodgers and is making a case to get paid in the off-season.  If he keeps this up in the playoffs, watch out; he may end up garnering +$10 Million/season in free agency.

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