Bum of the Day 9/1/13: Brett Oberholtzer

B.O.T.D. for September 1, 2013 belongs to Brett Oberholtzer, SP, Houston Astros.

Oberholtzer took home #BOTD with a complete game shut-out of the Seattle Mariners.  In 9 innings of work, Oberholtzer allowed only 4 hits and 1 BB and struck out 5.

Oberholtzer is a 23 year old finesse pitcher with a dominant change-up.  He is also great at leaving runners on base and limiting home runs.

  • Hitters facing his change-up so far this season have a .487 OPS and a 0% BB%.
  • In comparison, Oberholtzer’s average fastball velocity is 90.7 MPH, but worse than that is the fact that opposing hitters have a .813 OPS and a .348 wOBA against it.  
  • Oberholtzer ranks 5th among his counterparts in LOB% (left on base) with 83.8%.  With average “stuff” it is inevitable that he will allow base runners; most importantly he will have to continue leaving these runners on base if he wants to be successful.
  • Oberholtzer ranks 6th among starting pitchers in HR/FB% with 5.1%.  HR/FB attempts to measure how many of your pitches that were hit in the air actually made it out for a home run.

It’s difficult to project how a pitcher like Oberholtzer will be going forward in his career; it isn’t often we see a 23 year old starting pitcher that has a difficult time breaking 90 MPH on the radar gun.  Looking at his numbers however, it seems like he is doing everything he can to make up for his lack of arm strength, namely limiting home runs and leaving runners on base.  

Oberholtzer may be taking some lessons from Game of Thrones.  In the words of Tyrion Lannister, “Once you have accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you.”  This is exactly what “O” is doing.

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