Bum of the Day 8/22/13: Brian Bogusevic

B.O.T.D. for August 22, 2013 goes to Brian Bogusevic, OF, Chicago Cubs.

A day after being recalled from AAA by the Cubs, Bogusevic went 3-4 with a home run, an RBI and a walk.

Bogusevic is a guy that we have wanted to write a piece on for a while.  He was a former 1st round pick in 2005 by the Astros as a starting pitcher out of Tulane University.  He had plenty of time to develop in the minors (5 seasons) but it became evident that he just couldn’t throw strikes and he was converted to an outfielder.  "Bogey" is an athlete, so the switch came pretty easily for him.  He excelled defensively in right field and developed into a solid power/speed hitter with a knack for getting on-base. (.375 career minor league OBP) 

It didn’t really work out in Houston, bouncing between AAA and the big club, so in 2012 the Stro’s let Bogey walk.  The Cubs saw something in him and decided to take a flier on the talented former Tulane star.  

It’s a fresh start for Bogusevic in Chicago.  He’s now free from his previous first round expectations and can concentrate on the game.  He has a lot to prove and thus far has done so.  The Cubs have found themselves a quality platoon outfielder with still plenty of upside as a hitter. 

Best of luck Bogey!

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