Bum of the Day 8/15/13: Nate Freiman

(Freiman 6’8” next to Jose Altuve 5’5”)

B.O.T.D. for August 15, 2013 goes to Nate Freiman, 1B/PH, Oakland Athletics.

Freiman took home B.O.T.D. honors with his 4-4 night, which included a home run and 4 RBI in a win over his former team the Houston Astros.

Nate Freiman is the A’s 26 year old rookie 1st basemen. At 6’8” 250 lbs., Freiman looks a lot more like a basketball player than a baseball player.  He’s basically a bigger version of Richie ‘Big Sexy’ Sexson; big, strong, weak defensively but can absolutely mash at the plate.

Freiman spent his time in the Padres system where he absolutely lit up the minor leagues, holding a .857 OPS in almost four full seasons.  His poor defense has allowed him to slip through waivers and become another Billy Beane “steal”.  

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