Bum of the Day 8/14/13: Alfonso Soriano

B.O.T.D. for August 14, 2013 goes to Alfonso Soriano, OF, New York Yankees.

Alfonso Soriano has put himself into the record books with his last two performances, most recently going 3-3 with 2 home runs and 7 RBI yesterday.  In the past two games combined, Soriano has 4 home runs and 13 RBI!  

We have so much respect for the Yankees and their ability to find diamonds in the rough.  Every year the Yanks find 1-3 “bums” that no other teams want, whether due to injury, contract or lack of production and they turn them into very productive players again.  Alfonso Soriano is one of these “bums.”

Here’s why we consider Alfonso Soriano a bum: (the good kind)

  • Only 1 year left on his deal.  While 8 years-$136M is absurd, it runs out in 2014 and the Yanks managed to have the Cubs pay most of whats remaining.  
  • With Soriano’s contract now a non-issue, the trade really becomes who would you rather have? Alfonso Soriano or Corey Black…
  • He was a winner with the Yankees; a trait that this current Yankee team doesn’t have.
  • No one expects anything out of Alfonso Soriano anymore, he’s  a ‘has been’ who’s best days are over…(no one saw the whole 13 RBI thing coming…)

As hard as it is to root for the Yankees being from New England, this story line is easy to get excited about.  Soriano back with his old pals, trying to bring the Yankees back and make one final push towards the playoffs.

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