Bum of the Day


B.O.T.D. for May 1, 2013 goes to Mike Napoli, 1st Baseman, Red Sox.

There have been many times this season that Mike Napoli has been close to winning this award, but last he finally took home the honors. Napoli finished the game 3-4 with 2 Home Runs and 4 RBIs. Oh yea, by the way his home runs were 470 ft and 467 ft….so yea there is that to!!!!

Napoli, who is now the MLB leader in RBI, was quite a controversial pick-up this off-season. Originally signed to a 3 year 33 million dollar contract, his physical did not go as planned. Soon after, Napoli and the Sox worked out a new 1 year, $5 million dollar deal. What a bargain the Sox got!!!

“Masher” Mike Napoli has always been a favorite of ours here at Bum Theory as he has many great Bum traits; always considered a great teammate, hard worker, played on winning teams, motivated by a small contract, and of course who doesn’t love a big guy that can just mash home runs?

Congrats to Mike Napoli on finally getting his Bum of the Day award!!!… We, here at Bum Theory expect many more!!